Tuesday, August 05, 2008

what happened to kansas city, a free win with every visit?

I always feel like there's nothing worse than having Daisuke Matsuzaka turn in one of those agonizing performances where he, say, stretches 109 pitches over six innings but there were definitely points during the game when it seemed like he only might go 4.1 innings, and he only gives up two hits but he also gives up five walks and he gets away with only allowing two runs by striking out nine and stranding seven guys on base. When all's said and done it was a quality start with an impressive number of Ks, but you also felt like he was going to start blowing chunks at any moment.

Oh wait, THOSE WERE GIL MECHE'S STATS LAST NIGHT. Now I know -- it's torture watching Daisuke pitch what passes for "well" this season, but it's much, much, much worse for the other team.

Also, seriously, when was the last time Tampa Bay lost and the Red Sox won on the same night? They had Cliff Lee and you had the Kansas City Flippin' Royals and you couldn't get me a game in the standings? Do you want to push me over this ledge?


At 1:51 PM, Anonymous bella said...

what happened to kansas city? how about what happened to the papelblog, a free laugh-so-hard-milk-comes-out-your-nose with every visit?

i love you guys! where did you go?

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous anjali said...

Where did you go? I always love reading your blog. Hope everything's all right.


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